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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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upon the very limited and cramped theories of
orthodoxy. They always tend to widen out, they are
almost always given by some dead man of perfectly
good intention, who has now realised certain
broad facts of life which he wishes to impress
upon those he has left behind.  He thinks that
the world would be a very much better place if these
higher ideas were accepted, and he tries to impress
them on all people on the general theory of Dives in
the parable, that if some one came to the people from
the dead they would repent; forgetting, of course, the
sage answer of Abraham : tt If they hear not Moses
and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded,
though one rose from the dead." Such a man for-
gets that he himself paid no attention to such
revelations, when he was alive. If such come in
your way —they are sure to more or less—you should
receive them quite respectfully, but at the same time
without any undue excitement.  Great numbers of
these revelations come to me and to our President
also. People have all sorts of psychic experiences
and messages, and they send them to us usually with
the idea that they are of the very deepest importance
and that they are going to revolutionise the planet.
The planet takes a great deal of revolutionising, and
we take it, as a rule, very quietly, having, of course,
if it is necessary to apply to them, certain means of
testing the truth and validity of these communica-
tions. Most of you, perhaps, would not have those